Sunday, January 17, 2010

After many hours of procrastination spent on other blogs, vlogs and shmogs (ok so I made the last one up!) by my fellow Makeup-a-holics - I've decided that this is it; time to start my own!

Following in the shoes of,, and many other influences, this is the culmination of my make-up collection and endless obsession with makeup and beauty in general.

My collection currently consists of MAC, Lancome, YSL, Estee Lauder as well as other "drug-store" and online purchases. I write under the opinion that I consider makeup a hobby which I believe every woman should dabble in - and like a good pair of shoes, will make you feel fabulous (fat day or not!)

Please enjoy, shares your own collections, tips and opinions as well as request reviews about products you are interested in. I will endevour to provide information on places to purchase and prices as well as honest reviews of the make-up products that I think will be beneficial to your collection (as well as provide feedback on the ones that I don't!)

Enjoy and stay beautiful,

P.S If you enjoy this blog, find it helpful and feel super kind - please pop back often and click the ads!

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