Monday, January 18, 2010

So today I went a little crazy (mainly due to my hectic work and uni schedule - that's the excuse I'm sticking with!) and splurged out on a few purchases I've been putting off, as well as a new MAC Product I'm yet to try.


I had read about this little beauty many a time, however not until recently have I been tempted to fork out the somewhat expensive purchase price of $50.00 for it.

I have to say right from the offset, this stuff is AMAZING! Lollipop26 had spruked this eye kohl's staying power, but I didn't really believe her. BUT, I had the MUA at Guerlain show me how to apply the kohl on my water line in the "eastern style" at around 10am this morning and seeing it's pushing 8pm at night and the stuff has not BUDGED, I'm officially a convert!

Now, let me just explain this whole kohl concept. As you can see from the little piccy above, the kohl powder comes in a beautiful middle eastern inspired pot with what is called a Kajal. A kajal is ultimaley a smooth stick which gets coated with the kohl as it sits in the container. This is serious stuff. I bought black which is exactly that, BLACK. The kohl also comes in two others shades - a dirty bronze as well as a turquoisey blue.

To apply in the eastern style you simply (or not to simply depending on how frightened you are) pull the kajal out ofthe pot, place horizontally along your water line* and pull towards your outer eye. This results in a serious black line which is easily and beautifully smudges so you can create the most simple smokey eye known to (wo)MAN.

I have battled constantly with pencil liners which wear straight off, or result in that black goopy gunk that gets trapped in your inner eye (GROSS). However, I'm pretty sure that this is here to stay. Guerlain states that this product is opthamolgically safe/tested so I'm just going to have to go with that and trust them. No itchy eyes for me yet so that's a good sign. The MUA also told me that she likes to wear her kohl as a upper eye liner as well by grabbing some product with a small angled liner brush and then blending it out for a simple middle eastern inspired look.

I will definately keep you posted!


(CUDDLY - far left & WARM & COSY - second from the right)

I invested in these beautiful shades today. Shadesticks are similar to paintpots but in stick form. Well - that's what I have come across in the past. However, these shadesticks are SUPER frosty and have quite large chunks of glitter. Not sure whether I will repurchase these quite yet. The colors are gorg however!

CUDDLE is described by MAC as "frosted light golden yellow" however I'd call it more pealized. I think this will be perfect as a partial base over a golden or bronzed eye, or as an inner eye highlight! However, be warned if you want this shadestick you will need to move fast- supplies of this particular color are moving fast. I tried 3 MAC counters before I bought the last one!

WARM & COSY is described by MAC as "frost burnt amber with red and gold pearl". Serious???? GET SIMPLE MAC it's COPPER. Well pretty much. I have to admit it is a verrrrry pretty copper, one I think will be extra flattering on blue eyed lasses. However, this one is the chunkier out of the 4 shadesticks and I'm not sure how it will go for staying powder. The MAC MUA told me she has been wearing her simply with concealer underneath and hasn't has issues with it creasing/moving around.

However, time will tell and I'll keep you posted!


Another MIRACLE purhase. This stuff is really incredible! The bottle tells you that it "sets & seals" your makeup but this stuff dead set keeps your face on all day!

Pleasant smelling and reasonably priced ($32.00 per 50g can) I have repurchased twice already and wear it when I know my makeup touch ups are few and far between that day.

I usually spray post eyeshadow application, pre-mascara and the mist settles into place within thirty seconds. The only drawback is a slight stinging sensation on your lips however I just suck my lips back before spraying. ALso be very careful to make sure you spray it arms length from your face, as otherwise you might remain a little tacky for longer than you wish!

So there's my haul wrap-up. Please comment if you have any questions about these products or have has similar eperiences or eve if you completely disagree with my opinions of them!

Stay Beautiful,
BackToMAC x

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